Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Parenting with Love and Laughter...

And the hope that one day in the near future I will be able to indulge in a large glass of wine!

I bet you all thought I was lost at sea, or had gone mad, or just plain forgot how to type. Fear not, for I am here.  I have finally put down the head size maple glazed cinnamon roll* long enough to think up a new blog post!  I know your happy.  Now stop cheering and read.

*I hope my Doula** is not reading this but since she is my sister in law and huge fan of mine she most likely in that case the head size maple glaze cinnamon roll has 40 grams of protein in it and is equivalent to 32 ounces of water.  My figures may be off a bit. And I only eat them while practicing my squat position or doing prenatal yoga.  I'm sure there is truth in there somewhere.  Maybe.

**For those of you who don't know what a Doula is she's my labor couch, and birth class instructor. Since The Duke spent Ally's birth texting my progress to family members I decided I might need a bit more support this time around.  Here is her website for more info...

Ok, enough with the Astrix and on to the meat of the post.  Parenting with Love and Laughter. It's a parenting book.  It should be titled, Parenting with Love and Laughter, and a stocked Wine Rack.  Ally gives me plenty of reasons to love her, and lots of opportunity to laugh, both at her and with her.  Every day is a blessing, it truly is, but my goodness is every day a challenge too!  I've said it before, I'm saying it again.  Three is not an easy age.  I know there are some parents who say differently.  They are lying.  Maybe it's my hormones.  In the course of 5 minutes I can go from yelling, to crying because I yelled, to showering my little turd with kisses. Pretty sure she thinks I'm a lunatic.  I know alcohol is not the answer, but oh how it would be a perfect end to a very long day if I could have just one bottle, I mean, glass of wine. 

Baby boy Duke is due in 2 months.  And I know that in two months things are just going to get easier. Ally will suddenly start to listen better, be a great helper, sleep without fuss or fight, and the whining will automatically stop.  The baby will sleep through the night from day one and will be perfectly happy and healthy.  And if I believe any of this then I truly am a lunatic.  Truth is  I know things are not going to get easier, but it is those moments of love and laughter that get me through the moments when I want to scream. Or run far far away and join a traveling circus.

On a side note...I'm gearing up for a natural birth, but I wonder if an IV drip of red wine is acceptable?  Red wine because it's better for your heart.  See, I'm health conscience.

One of those moments of extreme love and laughter!