My Favorites

Pretty Pink toes.  Anyone's. Doesn't have to be my own.  These beauty's are mine though...

My daughter.  The cause of my stress and the relief all in one. But I wouldn't have it any other way

My husband.  He knows the real me. The not always pretty me. And he still tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me every day.

Singing very very loudly and out of tune.  I could sing in tune if I wanted, but where is the fun in that.

Raspberry Lemonade Blast Blistex.  YUM!  I know your not supposed to eat it, but I do find myself licking my lips a lot after applying.

Sweet Tea. By the gallon.  Lots and lots of thirst quenching sugary goodness.

Paint. I will paint anything.  Color excites me!

Food. I love it. It does not love me.

Country Music.  The old stuff. The my dog is lost and my truck won't start stuff.  Story songs. Good songs.