Thursday, May 2, 2013

Postive Pat...My New Best Friend

So Long Negative Nelly...Hello Positive Pat!  I am AMAZED at what a little positive thinking AND reinforcement can do! We have adopted this "new" approach in our house as of late, and even after a few days, the difference is incredible!  This is coming after a particularly tough weekend and beginning to the week.  My nerves and stress level were sky high. Seemed like Little Miss was bound and determined to act a fool! Jackson thinks it's fun to play daredevil on top of couches, picnic tables and window sills. The Duke, always trying to be supportive, found some very helpful articles about how much GOOD positive reinforcement can do. Duh, I know this already, it's just SO easy to fall into the negative trap.  That's not to say we never give praise, we do, often. But it seems lately we have been so focused on what NOT to do, and why you SHOULDN'T do that, or, that is not the right way to do that.  No one wants to hear no no no all the time!  Tuesday morning we started the day with this new approach.  At first it was a little difficult to find the positive.  Little Miss was trying to share her raisins with her brother. He is too little for raisins. Instead of telling her "No! He will choke and die if you feed him those!" I told her how awesome it was that she was sharing her food and I really appreciate that, but Jack is a little too young for raisins so we shouldn't share that particular food."  She said OK and put the raisins up so he couldn't get them!  Say What?!  This actually worked!  Holla! I myself even got some positive reinforcement last night! My dear, sweet, in-laws watched the kiddos while The Duke and I attended an Epilepsy seminar put on by the Mayo Clinic.  The last time they watched the kids Little Miss was a holy terror and I was hoping and praying this time the kids had been good for Grandma and Grandpa.  Upon returning home my Mother in law tells me that Ally was great and that she can really tell a difference in her behavior since we have started our Orange Rhino challenge.  This made me extremely happy!  Proof that all of this is paying off, and even though we still have bad days, tension filled, tearful, days, it is working!  The positives and happy moments are outweighing the stressful moments!  I love my little boogers to the moon and back! (insert happy mama dance here)

Side Note...REALLY trying hard to see the positive to SNOW in May. Not just a little snow either, 3-6 inches. Come on!  Ok, let me think about this one??  Moisture for the ground and growing flowers, A chance to stay inside and use my crock pot for dinner one more time, A reason to wear sweatpants and UGGs, Giving my self tanner more time to work.  That's about all I've got. 

When life gives you snowballs...DRINK WINE!  :)

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