Thursday, February 28, 2013


I know, I know.  It's been a while.  A long while.  I have been busy raising the future leaders of America! When my little Einsteins finally do go to bed I have been caught up in all the new TV. Don't judge. It's my release at the end of a VERY long day.  But since tonight all the shows I watch are reruns I decided to start typing.  I also have an hour to kill while I sit with coconut oil on my hair. Pinterest. Apparently it will make my hair longer and softer. We shall see.

Ok so full disclosure, this will not be an original post.  I am stealing this About Me questionnaire from my good friend and fellow blogger Crissy, find her at  I remember doing a TON of these back in the day, my high school days!  So here is a little bit about me!

A-Z {A Little 'Bout Me!}

A. Age: 29 - I hit the big 30 in June. I am actually looking forward to it!

B. Bed size: Queen. It is not big enough. I am NOT a cuddler. I like my space and I like to spread out.  I love my husband, but I don't want to touch him in the middle of the night :)
C. Chore you hate: Unloading the dishwasher. Not sure why, I just loathe it!

D. Dogs:  Yes, we have a dog. Daisy Duke. A dopey chocolate lab. She is adorable. She is energetic. She sheds, and stinks and has horrible allergies.  She is my third kid.
E. Essential start to your day:  One egg, fried.  I prefer to fry it in butter, but I have started a healthier way of eating so I can't do that!  Plus two slices of turkey bacon.  I would prefer real bacon. Real, fatty, smokey, delicious, bacon.  Ahhh. 
F. Favorite color: I think it's red.  I seem to use a lot of red in my decorating. Tho I don't wear a lot of red.  I LOVE color.  I seem to be drawn lately to turquoise. 
G. Gold or Silver: Silver fo sho
H. Height: 5'11" super model/basketball star. Neither of which I am
I. Instruments you play: None. I tried playing the clarinet in 4th grade. It lasted about a month. I am musically challenged.
J. Job Title:  Mom and Wife :)
K. Kids: 2, one amazing, sweet, completely ornery, beautiful little girl who will be 5 (gasp) in June.  And one crazy, smart, fast, loving, sweet baby boy who will be 1 in March!  They wear me out every single day, but they are my reason for living!
L. Live:  Ankeny, Iowa in a great house that I am always looking to change something about!
M. Married: Yes indeed!  The Duke and I will be married 6 years in April.  Together for 8. He is amazing and getting better every day. I have FINALLY broke him in!
N. Nicknames: DEmanda. Courtesy of my parents and brother in law.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Back in 4th grade, or maybe 5th, or 6th? Not sure on the year exactly, but I had stomach issues and the doctors thought I had appendicitis. I thought I was dying.  The next morning I was fine, no surgery required. I will not go into anymore detail!
P. Pet peeve: I have a lot, none of which I can think of right now but when they happen I think, MAN, I hate when this happens! 

Q. Quote Oh I like a lot of quotes, but one that seems to be true to my life at the moment is "smarter, not harder"  Courtesy of The Duke. Tho I am sure he did not originate it.

R. Righty or Lefty:Righty

S. Siblings: One little brother, Matt Man. Who is bigger than me and has been since he was about 10.  He is one of the smartest, funniest guys I know!
T. Time you wake up: Well, up for the day usually between 6 and 6:30am.  My kids like to wake up a few time at night too. I used to be a morning person, then I had kids.

U. University attended: a few...Des Moines Area Community College, Johnson County Community College, and Simpson College.  I have a PHD. WRONG. A lot of credits, No degree. Don't judge.
V. Vegetables you dislike:I like all vegetables. Really. I don't think I have had one I can't eat.
W. What makes you run late: My husband and kids. it is! My pet peeve...being late!  I LOATHE being late. I am usually 10-15 minutes early. I get this from my dad.
X. X-rays you've had:  My back. I have a bad back. I am crooked and have many issues with my back being out of place. It's not fun.
Y. Yummy food: Cheese, bacon, sausage, bread, pasta. Food in general. I love food.  Food is good.
 Z. Zoo animal favorite:   Monkeys
Thanks for wasting some time with me. Until next time...whenever that may be!